Natalie Portman Rocks

If any of you guys know about this, it would be a great shock for me, as there’s no doubt we would have talked about this sometimes in the past few years.

i stopped playing Assassin’s Creed for now, as i’m a bit impatient with games atm. that is, with new games anyways. i’m still nostalgic as always, and digging around in the abandonwares archives in the net.

that been said, i’ve been thinking about playing Diablo or Diablo 2, yet again. i never get tired of those two.

i opened the Diablo page in Wikipedia to read about the storyline, which i love, and was totaly surprised.

there’s a section in that page about easter eggs. ok, so it’s Blizzard. which means easter eggs are to be expected ofc. BUT, i must admit i didn’t know those specific easter eggs.

first, when you enter lvl16 in the game (one of the Hell levels) you can hear strange voices in the background music. apparently, if u record it and revers it you can hear someone saying “Eat your vegetables and brush after every meal.”…ROFL. it’s laughing about all the satanic music crap, when ppl believed there are hidden msgs in those songs.

second, when the CD splash screen comes up, u hear the Diablo laugh, right? well, if u record it and play it real fast, u get the Scavengers sound from the game, when they die.

and third, which totaly blew me away, since i can’t say how many times in my life i’ve seen this splash screen. you have the splash screen…right?

now, look what happens when i fill specific areas with white:

all i did was using the Fill With Color button twice. two clicks.

it’s realy hard to see in the screen shot but the short line says “Buy War2” (talking about Warcraft 2 ofc), and the long line says “Natalie Portman Rocks”. ROFLMAO. sorry about the image quality. if you don’t wanna take my word for it, you can dig up your old Diablo CD and try it yourself. works like a charm.

this might be one of my geekiest moments, but i do find it extremely cool…hehe


~ by Darkshore Grouper on April 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Natalie Portman Rocks”

  1. Blizzard, the best Games Company in the world.

    ‘Nuff said.

  2. I want to know who is the sick bastard who tried to fill the Diablo splash screen, and.. why?

  3. somebody wanted to see what it would look like if some1 jizzed all over diablo’s face.

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